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You’ve discovered there is more to life.

  • You know, deep down, that you have a life purpose
  • You realize there is more to life than working every day at a job you don’t love doing
  • You believe that it’s possible to be truly fulfilled by what you do
  • You feel like you’re meant to be doing something much, much bigger than what you’re doing now
You’ve probably been reading books, going to workshops, doing coaching sessions, taking personality tests and strengths finders to learn your gifts, and asking friends for advice so you can find your purpose.
These things may all seem like they’re helping but I’ll bet you still don’t have the answer. Because deep down, you know that when you find your purpose, you’ll feel it. You’ll recognize it. You can’t wait to be living it every day. But right now, nothing seems to fit…
The good news is that knowing that you have a purpose is the first big step. It means that you’re willing and ready to take the next steps toward…
  • Creating the joy and fulfillment you’ve been dreaming of
  • Waking up every morning excited to start your day
  • Giving your greatest gifts and living up to your full potential
You’re in the right place. I know firsthand what it takes to discover your purpose and your path without pain or the struggle, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you.

The best place to start is by reading my free guide, The Three Keys To Living Your Life Purpose. You’ll learn exactly what’s been holding you back from finding your life purpose and what to do instead.

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I have a new sense of understanding of my purpose in this life and how to apply my unique set of skills and talents to a money-making career.” – Rion Beauregard

I have the tools and clarity to co-create the life that is in full alignment with myself in this world.” – Joanna Fassl

Eleanor helped me move through all the fears, insecurities and blocks I had about living my purpose.” – Candice Holdorf


First Name Best Email Address


About the Author

Eleanor Tara is a Life Purpose Mentor and Vedic Astrologer. She started her career in the music business and was a successful record label executive for over a decade, but walked away from everything to follow her true calling, helping people understand their life’s path through Vedic Astrology Readings.

Over time, she began mentoring more and more of her clients around following their hearts to find their life purpose, and that has become the main focus of her work. Eleanor draws on her varied background to combine both the spiritual and the practical realms so that her work is firmly grounded in reality and can yield impressive, tangible results. She works with her clients through one-on-one readings, mentoring programs and online classes.