From Passion to Purpose

Have you ever been sitting around trying to work on a project you really care about, but you couldn’t seem to focus and it was very frustrating?

This happened to me recently when I was trying to write the marketing materials for the launch of my new course. Suddenly, I couldn’t find the words to express my message, and I started to wonder what was going on.

Some of the thoughts circling around my mind:

  • Maybe I’ve lot my ability to write anything compelling.
  • Maybe I’m not supposed to be doing this work right now.
  • Perhaps it’s a sign from the Universe?

I had decided to stay home from a festival that my closest friends were all going to, in order to work on my website. My boyfriend was out of town for three days and I had the house to myself. The solitude seemed like a recipe for success.

But no words were coming and I was sinking deeper and deeper into a black hole of disappointment and discouragement.

I was starting to question my entire life, but then I remembered a fundamental truth, that “living your purpose” can look just like this if you forget the most important thing about it…

Your life purpose is a flower that blossoms out of your enthusiasm.

Without enthusiasm, there is no “living your purpose.” There is just “doing things mechanically,” if you can get yourself to do them at all.

You are not inspiring anyone if you are not inspiring yourself.

As one of my wise teachers always says, “No one wants to take medicine from an unhappy person.” Your first job is to make yourself happy. Then you can take on the mission of making others happy through whatever product or service you provide.

I know this… I even teach this, but because I am human, I forgot. I mistakenly thought solitude was the answer to expressing my purpose. But in my isolation, I temporarily lost my zest for life.

Once I finally recognized what was happening, late on Friday night, after the festival had already started, I found a last minute ticket and packed my things.

The next morning, I drove 3 hours and met my dear ones in a stunningly beautiful campground in the Lake Tahoe mountains. Every moment that we spent together taking in the gorgeous visionary art, the heartfelt music and the incredible community was a much needed injection of nourishment to my soul.

24 hours later, I was physically exhausted but spiritually revived, and I drove home. After I got a good night’s sleep, the words began to flow again, and my desire to express myself and live my purpose was entirely revived.

So remember this if you are sad, lost, lonely, feeling stuck or depressed about not living your purpose. Do what you love, and the rest will unfold with ease. Become an overflowing cup of excitement and enthusiasm for life, and you will be living your purpose naturally.

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