How do you know when you’ve found your life purpose?

fireworksSo you want to find your life purpose.

But how will you know when you’ve found it?

This is a very good question… I like to answer it by having you take a look at what you will be feeling when you’re living your life purpose.

You might imagine that you’ll feel exuberantly happy all the time if you’re living your life purpose, but this is definitely not the case.

In fact, if you’re feeling terrified, full of doubts, and wondering if you’re crazy for doing whatever you’re doing, that’s a sign that you’re probably on the right path.

Having fear means that you’re making changes, and making changes means doing something new, and doing something new might just mean that you’re on your way to finding and living your life purpose.

Not having fear means your comfortable, and being comfortable means no change, and no change means doing nothing new and that means you are stuck.

Now, while the fear is an excellent beacon for having found your purpose, you can also look for joy.

I’m not talking about feeling high and then crashing down again. I’m talking about a deep, abiding joy that feels like the truest, most real thing you’ve ever experienced.

Joy is calm, steady and permeates your entire being. It nourishes you from the inside out, radiating out of you and spreading to others.

You’ll feel joy when you’re actually doing your purpose. For example, if your purpose is to coach people, you’ll feel it during your sessions. You may not always feel it when you’re doing the activities that enable you to live your purpose, like your bookkeeping, creating your marketing or working on your website, but when you’re doing the thing you’re truly meant to do, you’ll know.

So, look for fear and look for joy. When you’re experiencing both simultaneously, you’ll know you’re onto something good…

You could also call this “feeling alive.”

Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to feel comfortable than really “alive” (i.e. lots of fear and lots of joy). But if you’re here, it’s because you’re ready for the vitality that comes along with feeling more. And that’s going to lead you directly to your purpose.

This is where it’s really good to get some outside support. We all need a cheerleader to encourage us (or kick us in the butt) to keep moving forward – toward the joy of living our purpose – when we’re feeling terrified.

I’m here to cheer you on! You can book a Life Purpose Reading with me here and learn how to get moving forward on your true, aligned path.

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