How to get unstuck instantly

Man who is stuckAre you stuck? Not sure which way to go?

Maybe you’ve been stuck for a day, maybe it’s been a year. Regardless, you want to get unstuck.

The thing that most people don’t realize is that being stuck all boils down to one thing: Refusing to say “Yes” or “No” to one of life’s many offerings.

Here’s what you need to understand.

When you say “Yes” to something, you are actually saying yes to life and life moves forward. You feel alive.

When you say “No” to something you are still saying yes to life and life moves forward. You are saying, “Yes, I want this to end and I want something other than this.” You feel alive.

When you are neither saying “Yes” nor “No” you are saying no to life and you’re stuck. You are saying, “No, I don’t know what I want. Don’t make any moves.” So you feel immobilized, half awake, deadened.

I know, I know. You don’t know whether you want to say “Yes” or “No,” or you would have done it already.

But if you feel ready to be unstuck, that means you do know, deep down. In fact, you’ve probably always known your answer.

In your highest moments of clarity and especially at the beginning of something you can always feel your answer clearly. (“Yes, I want this job,” or “No, I do not want this kind of relationship…”)

As challenges and fears come up, your Yes and your No can become clouded and you may wonder where you stand. You may start looking for clarity or seeking answers within or without. (“Do I really want this job? It’s hard. Maybe I want another job…” or “Maybe I could find that person attractive if I tried harder.”)

This is when your life becomes a choice. You get to decide what you want.

Do you want to waver every time something challenging comes up?

Or do you want to follow the higher guidance you received in your clear moments?

If you answered yes to following your clear guidance, then prepare to commit to your answer and choose it over and over again in every breath and every moment.

Yes is a choice. No is a choice. Maybe is a choice too, though most of us pick it by default.

When the job gets hard, you can remember that you’re a yes and stick with it unless you get a clear no. When the person you were originally unattracted to starts looking appealing because there are no other options, you can remember that you are a no and stay away from them unless you get a clear yes.

This is living. This is aliveness. This is how you feel vital.

People may tell you that it’s ok to be stuck. Of course it is ok. But if you want something more than just ok you have to decide to unstick yourself. You do this by honoring what you knew to be true when you last had clarity and moving forward in that direction.

Your freedom lies in your capacity to unwaveringly pursue what’s truly in alignment for you.

When you say you don’t know you are lying to yourself.

You know. You just don’t want to deal with the answer. That’s ok. But would you prefer extraordinary?

Then choose what’s true for you. You get to choose to hold your vision. That’s your free will and nothing can take that away from you.

You are powerful when you say Yes, you are powerful when you say No, but you abdicate your co creative power when you shrug your shoulders and refuse to answer.

How long would you like to put up with feeling powerless?

How soon would you like to take back your life and feel powerful again?

I challenge you, I dare you, I urge you… For the next 24 hours, say only Yes or only No to whatever life throws your way. See what happens!

(Someone actually made a great movie about this, Yes Man. Watch it for inspiration!)

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