The truth about uncertainty

Is there an area of your life where you have been feeling confusion for a while?

– Maybe you aren’t sure if your partner is right for you
– Perhaps you are wondering if you should quit your job

If so, read on, ’cause this one’s for you!

I’ve noticed that romance and career are the two domains where people tend to experience the most uncertainty and challenge when faced with a decision.

This is because you tend to feel attached to your partner or your job, which makes it an emotionally charged topic where it’s hard to be objective. (But if your friend is having the same issue, it’s easy to know what they should do!)

It usually seems like there is a great case for both staying or leaving, so you wind up unable to make a decision.

You may spend all sorts of time thinking about the situation and consulting with your friends but it doesn’t really get you any closer to moving forward. (Does this sound familiar?)

The consequence of staying in this holding pattern is that your energy is drained. You feel tired. Sad. Distracted from other parts of your life that need your attention.

It feels like such an unsolvable mystery.

But it’s not.

The truth is that uncertainty and confusion are symptoms that you are out of alignment with your purpose and destiny path.

Think about it. When you really feel clear about something, what’s that like?  Is there any doubt? Do you feel energetically zapped or do you feel enlivened?

Clarity is clear. It’s obvious when you feel it and it feels empowering.

Confusion is actually a form of certainty, but it masquerades as uncertainty when you misinterpret it.

What it means is that you are not clear. You are not a full yes. It is an answer unto itself. In fact, the way you feel is the biggest clue.

When you feel badly about something for an extended period of time, your psyche (and in some cases your body when you get physical symptoms) is trying to tell you that it wants change.

It’s actually very simple. Over extended periods of time, when you feel good about something, it’s right for you. When you feel bad about it, know that it’s wrong for you.

And if you are chronically asking the question, “should I or shouldn’t I?” with regards to a particular situation, it’s a sign that you are actually certain that it’s not for you, and that it’s not part of your purpose.

The only thing keeping you from seeing this obvious truth is your emotional involvement. You are totally identified with that person or that career. If you admit that it’s not right for you then you’ll realize that you have to let it go.

But letting it go is like a little death. And you’re wired to avoid anything that looks like death. You will have to find yourself again. That seems overwhelmingly hard when you’re staring it in the face.

However, death is the only thing that can lead to new growth. Otherwise your life becomes too cluttered by things that aren’t working for you and nothing good can arise.

This is one thing that Saturn represents in your astrological chart, for example: Clearing away that which isn’t in your highest alignment (especially if you are attached to it) so that something new can emerge.

One way you can see what areas of your life are ripe for transition is by looking at where Saturn is in your natal chart and where it’s transiting.

Having this knowledge and understanding is powerful because it can help motivate you to take a leap of faith, beyond your resistance and fear, into a renewed life of clarity.

Do you want to gain insight and courage so that you can move forward in your own situation? If so,  I’d be honored to do a Vedic Astrology/Life Purpose reading for you. We’ll look at your natal chart and the upcoming transits to see what’s in store and what’s aligned for you.

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