The Ultimate Life Purpose And Career Quiz


Welcome to the ultimate test that will tell you your Life Purpose Type and your ideal career in less than 5 minutes! Results are guaranteed.*


– Please read every question carefully and take the time to really reflect on your answer.
– Make sure to write your answer down so that you can calculate the results at the end.

Ready? Let’s get started!

* Results are guaranteed to make you do one or more of the following: laugh, roll your eyes, make a mental note not to click on anything your friend forwards you ever again, unfollow Eleanor Tara on Facebook, or share this post with everyone you know. **

** The statement above is false because nothing in life is truly guaranteed. Haven’t you learned this yet?

1. Which of the following best describes your current situation?

a) Blissfully unemployed and pretending to look for work
b) Unemployed and looking to find your life purpose in an online quiz
c) Pretending to like your job while secretly looking for a new one
d) Thrilled with your life exactly the way it is

2. How are you with people?

a) Enjoy interacting with attractive members of the opposite sex (or whatever sex is most attractive to you)
b) Extremely charismatic and influential, except when behaving like a screaming hyena with uncooperative customer service representatives
c) Avoid human interaction at all costs, then really let loose while anonymously trolling Reddit and Youtube.
d) Love everyone all the time

3. How do you feel about working on a computer?

a) Highly skilled at Google, Facebook and Instagram
b) Just learned that the CD tray isn’t a cup holder
c) Unaware that other activities exist.
d) Computers are the best!

4. When you imagine having your dream job, you picture yourself:

a) Posting about it daily on Facebook so that your childhood enemies can eat their hearts out
b) Working grueling 15 hour days for a few years, cashing out, getting a boat and becoming a pirate
c) Being well-paid to do what you love until you inevitably begin to hate doing it
d) Precisely the way you are right now – life is perfect!

5. What are you most inspired to change in the world?

a) Saving the environment by changing our destructive ways, excluding anything that would directly limit your favorite activities.
b) Extending human life so that we can all live to be 407, your favorite number.
c) Nothing, because we are completely screwed already.
d) Everything is perfect just as it is.


Time for your results! Add up how many a, b, c and d answers you had. If you got…


Mostly a’s:

Congratulations! Your type is Taking Care Of Number One

You’re perfectly suited to either be independently wealthy and be perpetually starting a new business, and/or to work brief stints in the entertainment industry, especially at a company that frequently lays off large numbers of employees and gives out generous severance packages.









Mostly b’s

Congratulations! Your type is Misguided Idealist

Get your head out of the clouds – you’ll never find your purpose in an online quiz! You are perfectly suited to be a pirate, however, and I look forward to hearing more about your groundbreaking work in the field of life extension.











Mostly c’s:

Congratulations! Your type is Just About Everyone Out There

You’re destined to continue working at that job you hate until we reach the Singularity, at which point you’ll literally become your computer, and since they don’t have preferences, you’ll finally be happy. Hang in there!













Mostly d’s:

Congratulations! Your type is Superhuman

Either you are enlightened, you are a psychopath, or you are a life coach who does internet marketing, and these are quotes from your recent Facebook posts. Regardless, you exist in a realm that is completely outside most people’s daily reality, and nothing bothers you, which makes you an ideal spiritual guru or telemarketing professional. (Note, if the Singularity has already taken place when you are reading this, you may also be an evolved version of Type C).











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